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Surprise, Arizona

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About Coloscapes Concrete in Surprise, Arizona

Coloscapes Concrete is a full-service commercial concrete contractor in Surprise, Arizona. With hundreds of commercial concrete contracts completed and two decades in the industry, we provide exceptional site concrete for commercial projects.

We offer everything from the foundation to the flatwork for commercial construction on any size and budget. Our mission is to enhance and evolve the vision of how concrete can add to and shape the world around us, and building strong relationships through honest, professional concrete work.

Surprise, Arizona: A Jewel of the Southwestern United States

Surprise, Arizona, stands as a testament to the vibrant culture, scenic beauty, and thriving community spirit characteristic of the Southwestern United States. Founded in 1938 by developer Homer Charles, who reputedly chose the name because he would be “surprised if the town ever amounted to much,” Surprise has grown exponentially beyond its humble beginnings. Today, it is a dynamic city within Maricopa County, known for its hot desert climate, striking landscapes, and as a haven for retirees seeking a peaceful yet active lifestyle. This pillar page delves into the essence of Surprise, exploring its history, geography, climate, and key demographics, while highlighting notable landmarks and the predominant industry shaping its economy.

Geographic Overview

Nestled in the Southwestern region of the United States, Surprise is an integral part of Arizona’s landscape. The city sits at an elevation of 1,159 feet (353 meters), offering a unique desert environment that contributes to its distinct climate and natural beauty.

State and County

As a proud member of Maricopa County, the fastest-growing county in the United States, Surprise benefits from the resources and community network of Arizona. This strategic location plays a pivotal role in its development and allure as a place to live, work, and visit.

Climate: Embracing the Desert

Surprise is characterized by a hot desert climate, as classified by the Köppen climate system. Residents and visitors alike enjoy bright, sunny days most of the year, with high temperatures that invite a plethora of outdoor activities tailored to take advantage of the unique weather patterns.

A Brief History: From Modest Beginnings to Thriving City

The story of Surprise’s founding in 1938 by Homer Charles is a narrative of ambition and unexpected success. Initially a small parcel of land, the city has expanded into a flourishing urban center, reflecting the vision and surprise its founder hinted at with its name.

Origin of Name

The origin of Surprise’s name is a whimsical anecdote that adds to the city’s charm. Homer Charles’ remark about his modest expectations for the town’s future is a stark contrast to the bustling city it has become, making Surprise a delightful paradox.

Demographics: A Diverse and Growing Community

With a population of 143,148 according to the 2020 Census, Surprise has evolved into a diverse and vibrant community. The median age of 42.6 years reflects a mature population, many of whom are attracted by the city’s reputation as a premier retirement destination.

Major Industry: A Hub for Retirees

The major industry in Surprise is its retirement community. The city offers a wealth of amenities, services, and activities catered to retirees, making it an attractive location for those seeking a fulfilling post-career life in a beautiful setting.

Notable Landmark: Surprise Stadium

Surprise Stadium stands as a prominent landmark within the city. Serving as a Spring Training facility, it is a beacon for sports enthusiasts and a symbol of the community’s love for baseball and active living.


Surprise, Arizona, is a city that truly lives up to its name, offering unexpected delights and a quality of life that surpasses the imaginations of those who choose to call it home. From its scenic desert landscapes and warm climate to its rich history and dedicated retirement community, Surprise embodies the essence of the Southwestern United States. Whether you’re drawn to its outdoor adventures, the charm of its community, or the allure of a serene retirement, Surprise welcomes you to discover its many surprises.


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