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Greeley, Colorado

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About Coloscapes Concrete in Greeley, Colorado

Coloscapes Concrete is a full-service commercial concrete contractor for Greeley, Colorado. With hundreds of commercial concrete contracts completed and two decades in the industry, we provide exceptional site concrete for commercial projects.

We offer everything from the foundation to the flatwork for commercial construction on any size and budget. Our mission is to enhance and evolve the vision of how concrete can add to and shape the world around us, and building strong relationships through honest, professional concrete work.

Greeley, Colorado: A Pillar of Culture, History, and Geographical Splendor

Greeley, Colorado, emerges as a vibrant tapestry of cultural richness, historical significance, and geographical uniqueness. Nestled in the heart of the United States, this city boasts an array of attributes that make it a standout destination. From its semi-arid climate to its bustling cultural scene, Greeley offers a glimpse into the essence of Colorado living. This pillar page delves into the multifaceted aspects of Greeley, exploring its geographical facts, historical roots, cultural vibrancy, and demographic characteristics.

Geographical Facts

Population and Area

Greeley’s landscape is both vast and welcoming, with a population of 108,409 as of the 2020 estimate. Covering an area of 54.2 square miles (140.4 km²), it provides ample space for both residents and visitors to explore.

Elevation and Climate

Perched at an elevation of 4,704 feet (1,434 meters), Greeley offers a unique climatic experience. Its semi-arid climate features warm summers and cold, dry winters, creating a perfect balance for a variety of activities throughout the year.

Historical Facts

Founding and Development

Founded in 1869, Greeley has grown from its roots as a major agricultural center to a vibrant city. It has been a pivotal location for cattle driving and is the proud home of the University of Northern Colorado.

Significant Events

The city’s history is dotted with significant events that have shaped its identity, including its establishment as a key agricultural hub and its role in education and commerce in Colorado.

Cultural Facts

Museums and Galleries

Greeley’s cultural scene is rich and diverse, featuring institutions like the Greeley History Museum, University of Northern Colorado Galleries, and Avenir Museum, which offer insights into local and regional history, art, and more.

Festivals and Celebrations

Festivals such as the Greeley Stampede, the largest rodeo in Colorado, the Colorado Dragon Boat Festival, and the Greeley Blues Jam highlight the city’s love for community gatherings and cultural celebrations.


Iconic landmarks like The Greeley Mall, Union Colony Civic Center, and the Poudre River Trail underscore Greeley’s commitment to community, culture, and outdoor recreation.

Demographic Facts

Age Distribution and Income Levels

Greeley’s median age is 32.2 years, reflecting a vibrant and youthful community. With a median household income of $58,573 in 2020, the city supports a diverse economic base.

Education Levels

The commitment to education is evident, with 30.1% of Greeley’s residents holding a bachelor’s degree or higher as of 2020, showcasing the city’s value on higher learning and advancement.

Greeley Today

Greeley continues to thrive as a community that values its historical roots while embracing growth and diversity. Known as the “Home of the Greeley Stampede,” the city celebrates its Western heritage with one of the most anticipated events of the summer. The cultural scene is further enriched by museums, art galleries, theaters, and outdoor recreational activities, making Greeley a hub for cultural and outdoor enthusiasts alike.

As a city that offers easy access to the great outdoors, including hiking and biking trails, lakes, and reservoirs, Greeley invites exploration and adventure. Its unique blend of geographical beauty, historical depth, cultural vibrancy, and community spirit makes it a gem in the landscape of Colorado, offering something for everyone who visits or calls it home.


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